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2533 Technical Theatre Set Design/
2610 Fundamentals of Communication (Speech)/
2620-21-22 Play Production A-B-C/
2630 Theatre Beginnings/
2640 Techniques of Theatre Acting/
2710 Student Publications (IFHS)/
2712 Photojournalism I (SHS)/
2713 Photojournalism II (SHS)/
2718 Film, TV and Media (SHS)/
2719 Beginning Journalism (SHS)/
2720-21-22 Newspaper I A-B-C/
2723-24-25 Newspaper II A-B-C 2nd Year Staff Position/
2726-27-28 Newspaper III A-B-C Editorship Leadership/
2729-30 Yearbook I A-B Beginning Yearbook/
2731-32 Yearbook II A-B 2nd Year Staff Position/
2734-35 Yearbook III A-B Editorship Leadership/
2736 Publications Design and Planning (SHS)/
2810 Competitive Speech/
2820-21 Debate I - Novice Policy A-B/
2823-24 Debate II - Varsity Policy A-B/
2840-41 Lincoln-Douglas Debate A-B/